Monday, February 17, 2014

Points North Cancel Live Feb & Mar 2014


He everyone - I'm sorry to say, I have a bit of bad news. I had an unfortunate rollerblading adventure this weekend (don't ask - it was as embarrassing as you can imagine, and then some) and I've fractured my left arm, just above the elbow. All looks as good as could be hoped for, and a full, pain free recovery is expected - but Points North will have to cancel its next three shows. We tried, but we just couldn't find a convincing enough curly haired wig for any of the replacements we tried out. ;))

So that would be Feb. 22 at Hopmonk in Novato, Feb. 27 opening for KingsX in Hermosa Beach, and Mar. 8 at Starlite Lounge in Sacramento. All great shows I was so much looking forward to. But there's also great stuff coming on the calendar for once my arm is healed, and I promise I'll be back soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to encourage everyone to still come out on Feb. 22 - our own Uriah Duffy is stepping up to the plate and filling the vacated Points North set with what promises to be a blistering set by the Uriah Duffy Band. After how he brought it the Bass Bash at NAMM, I can assure you its not to be missed!

Thanks to everyone as always for all the amazing support, and I'll be back on stage soon!

February 22, 2014
224 Vintage Way
Novato, CA
8 PM

It's a new venue for us that we're really excited about - Hopmonk, in Novato!  We'll be reprising the lineup from a few months ago that was an absolute blast in Fairfax; opening the night will be an opening set from flanelhed, followed by a full headline set from yours truly.  It's a great room to see a show, with great sound, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Advance tickets availble directly through the venue by clicking here.

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