Monday, February 24, 2014

MoeTar live in March 2014

Venue: The Uptown
1928 Telegraph Ave
Oakland CA

Wednesday March 5th
Doors 9pm, $8

East Bay all-stars playing “prog pop.” Nice chords. Great singing. Fancy playing of many notes. MoeTar’s two main protagonists, lead singer Moorea Dickason and bassist/songwriter/lyricist Tarik Ragab, along with a versatile crew of musicians, including guitarist Matthew Charles Heulitt (Zigaboo Modeliste, Narada Michael Walden), drummer David Flores and keyboardist Matt Lebofsky (miRthkon, Secret Chiefs 3) create catchy, yet complex, music that attempts to make sense of our confusing world. Half the fun of listening to MoeTar is hearing how well all of these seemingly incompatible musical pieces fit together. Amid sonic references to Zappa, The Beatles, XTC, Gentle Giant, Stevie Wonder, Laurie Anderson and many others, MoeTar offers a fresh approach to rock, pop, electronica and experimental music. Simply put, From These Small Seeds is the culmination of a collision of styles that seems to defy the odds – and our ears.

MoeTar on Magna Carta

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