Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dave Martone in June and around Vancouver BC

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June 30 
Fairmont Pacific Rim
1038 Canada Place
Vancouver BC V6C 0B9

June 30 
Bacchus Lounge
845 Hornby Street
Vancouver BC V6Z 1V1

July 1
Bif Naked Cold Lake Kinosoo Beach
Cold Lake, Canada

More details and updates on Dave Martone:

... "Nacimineto": on Magnatude Records

"While easily his most commercially accessible work to date, this album is still a triumph, featuring tightly arranged instrumentals of not only originals, but some inventive covers as well (Aerosmith's Dream On, The Theme From Rocky, The Godfather Theme, Classical Gas, and a few more). The instrumentation is sparse, with most songs featuring 1-2 rhythm guitars, a lead guitar, and some bass and percussion. There is a latin/flamenco influence on most of the tracks and Martone's unbelievable technique shines through on every tune. If you liked his past electric outings, you will like this. If you have never heard him before and have more mainstream musical taste you will like it as well." - Amazon customer review By Lawrence A. Strid

... "Dream On" video: on YouTube

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