Monday, November 5, 2012

MoeTar Live 2012-2013


January 26th

At The Starry Plough in Berkley, CA

Saturday January 26, 2013
2330 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

More details to come...



MoeTar is honored to be playing RoSfest 2013. May 5th in Gettysburg, PA.

MoeTar announced for RoSfest 2013

MoeTarWe're excited to announce that US band MoeTar have been signed for the 2013 edition of the Rites of Spring Festival.
MoeTar is named after vocalist Moorea Dickason and bassist Tarik Ragab, the former supplying an essential ingredient of the band's sound with her vocal skills and the latter the main songwriter. Matthew Charles Heulitt (guitars), Matt Lebofsky (keyboards) and Dave Flores (drums) supplement the duo with their instrumental skills and versatile musical backgrounds.

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